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We're sorry.  Dr. Ernest has taken an indefinite leave of absence and is not taking any new patients at this time.


For more information please contact:


Dr. Wes Shankland

Westerville Ohio



Dr. Edwin Ernest, III

Edwin A. Ernest, III D.M.D.


Our success rate diagnosing and treating patients is above the 85th percentile, so please be encouraged!




The American Medical Association approved the diagnosis and surgical treatment of Ernest Syndrome in 1986.  The diagnosis & treatment is well established and is main-streamed in Pain Management circles; and is included in the "Attorneys' Dictionary of Medicine and Word Finder" by Matthew Bender & Times-Mirror books, a highly respected legal-medical reference resource.

Dr. Ernest was recently honored to be selected as a department head for a premier medical pain management journal, rated by its physician readers and the #2 favorite publication in the field of chronic medical pain management.  Practical Pain Management Journal asked Dr. Ernest, a dentist, to head the Head & Neck Pain Department section of the Journal because of his numerous pain management contributions to the fields of medicine and dental medicine.

His Journal Articles include:

Splenius Capitis Muscle Syndrome

Temporal Tendonitis: Migraine Mimic

Head and Neck Pain (November/December 2006)

Head and Neck Pain (Ernest Syndrome)


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